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SAKA, is a positive, high energy karate academy that emphasizes positive life skills, fitness, fun and self-defense. SAKA practices Goju Ryu and Sport Karate, based in Mumbai, India since 1991. It is recognized as one of the Top Karate Academy in India.

SAKA is affiliated to the Maharashtra Karate Association (MKA), the only recognized and official state body.

SAKA is also affiliated with the only official National body ie KAI(Karate Association of India), which is recognized by Government and Sports Authority of India. KAI is the member of AKF (Asian Karate Federation) & WKF (World Karate Federation). WKF is recognised by IOC (International Olympic Committee) and (IWGA) Sportacord & International World Games Association.

SAKA was founded and is still being led by Shihan Salauddin Ansari, and hence named after him. He has trained more than 5000 students, and has produced champions and over the years who have represented the country at International tournaments. Students of all ages from 5 years to 60 years have trained in his academy. Being an official karate school, students from Std X & XII get an opportunity to get extra 25 Marks and admission in college through Sports Quota.

Shihan Salauddin Ansari

Current Status (2014)
  • President of Maharashtra Karate Association (MKA) (2012 - 2014)
  • Founder & Technical Director of Salauddin Ansari’s Karate Academy
  • Martial Art Training School(MATS)
  • International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do Academy (IOGKA)
Current Ranking (2014)
  • Referee At Asian Karate Federation (AKF)
  • Judge at World Karate Federation (WKF)
Shihan Salauddin Ansari has been practising Karate since 1978. He has been one of the well reputed personality in the field of Karate. In his early days, he was chosen as Captain of The Maharashtra Karate Team for National Championships. He has been 5 times National Champion.

He has represented the country several times at the AKF (Asian Karate Federation) & WKF (World Karate Federation) Championships and also Captain at WKF (World Karate Federation) Championships. He was the First Indian to Represent India in the 14th Asian Games held at Busan, Korea in the year 2002, and also at the South Asian Games in Kathmandu, Nepal

He was also chosen as Indian Karate Coach for various International events held at Greece, Morocco, Turkey & Japan.
Shihan Salauddin Ansari
Shihan Salauddin Ansari

Achievements of Shihan Salauddin Ansari

International Level Titles
  • Indo-Malaysia Gold Medal In India - In The Year 1989, 1990
  • Asian Karate Championship – 1999 - 5th Place In Singapore
  • Asian Karate Championship - 2001- 4th Place In Malaysia
  • In the year 2000 South Asian Federation Games (SAF) 2nd Place In Nepal
  • In the year 2002 Asian Games –Busan Quarter Finals In Korea
  • 16th World Championship Spain – Won Two rounds
National Level Titles
  • 1998 Chennai - 2nd Place at AIKF National Karate Championship
  • 1999 – Banglaore – 1st Place at AIKF National Karate Championship
  • 2000 – Bhopal – 1st and 2nd Place at AIKF National Karate Championship
  • 2002 & 2003 – Mumbai – 1st at AIKF National Karate Championship
  • Open Category - Gold Medal – In the year 1999 And 2002
  • 80+ Category - Gold Medal - In the year 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003
  • Team Kumite - Gold Medal – In the year – 2000, 2002, 2003
Maharashtra State Level
  • MKA State Karate Championship - Mumbai - 1st Place in the year 1998,1999 and 2002
  • Open Category Gold Medal – Year 1999 To 2003
  • 80+ Category Gold Medal – Year 1999 To 2003
Top Achievements at Level
  • Captain Of The Maharashtra Karate Winning Team From 2000 To 2003.
  • Total number of medals in the National Level: 8 Gold & 2 Silver
  • Has won national titles for 5 years and State Titles for 7 years


Shihan Shaheen Ansari

Current Status (2014)
  • 6th Degree Black Belt
  • First Woman in India & only women in South Asian Country to become a World Karate Federation (WKF) Referee.
  • First Woman in India to become an Asian Referee (AKF)
Current Ranking (2014)
  • She is the highest qualified World Karate Referee in India
  • Chair person of the Referee Council of Maharashtra Karate Association (MKA)
  • Vice Chair person of the Referee Council of Karate Association of India (KAI)
Shihan Shaheen Ansari has been practising Karate since 1984. As a teenager she has attended a number of training camps at Khandala, Pune, Alibag, where she was graded and achieved her black belt in 1989. Now she holds the Rank of Sixth Degree Black Belt. She is the Senior Most Women Karateka in India.

She has visited countries like Singapore, Malaysia and Phillipines in 1990 for training where she won a Gold Medal in the Indo-Malaysian Event at Malayasia. She has also participated as a referee in various tournaments held in Japan, Hongkong, Serbia, Paris, Spain, Germany, Khazakistan and China.

Over the years she has continued her training and also imparting training to students as well as her own kids. She has represented India at the Karate Common Wealth Games in Scotland and for the 2008 World Karate Championship in Tokyo.

With her pure dedication and hard work she has won State Championship Titles for 5 Years from 2007 to 2011, won National Titles for 3 Consecutive Years and also became the National Champion for the year 2010 -2011.

In August 2010, she qualified as an Asian Karate Referee and in October the same year she qualified as World Judge for Karate and became the First & the only Indian Woman to achieve this qualification. In Oct 2013 in Spain she cleared yet another Referee examination and became the highest qualified referee in India.

She was made the Captain of the Women Karate Team of Maharashtra, and also participated in the National Games which was held in Jarkhand in 2011.
Shihan Shaheen Ansari
Shihan Shaheen Ansari

Achievements of Shihan Shaheen Ansari

International Championships
  • June 2008 - 4th Commonwealth Karate Championship - Edinburgh, Scotland
  • November 2008 - 19th World Karate Championship Under WKF - Tokyo, Japan
  • Indo-Malyasian Championship in 1990 wining Gold in Kata
National Championship (AIKF)
  • 2008 Jan Won National Title (Winning Gold) in Kata at The National Championship held at Chennai
  • 2008 Nov Won the Silver Medal at the National Championship at Kolkata
  • 2009 Oct Won 1 Gold & 1 Silver at Akshay Kumar Invitational National Karate Championship.
  • 2010 March became The National Champion by Winning 1 Gold in Kumite
  • 2011 February Participated at 34th National Games at Jharkhand, in Individual Kata & Individual Kumite 61kgs
Maharashtra State Level
  • September 2007, Mulund, Mumbai
  • Sr. Individual Kata - Gold (1st Place)
  • Sr. Individual Kumite - 60kgs - Silver (2nd Place)
  • Sr. Individual Kumite - Open - Silver (2nd Place)
  • March 2008, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Won 2 Gold & 1 Silver at Mayors Cup
  • August 2008, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Women Individual Kumite - 60kgs - Gold (1st Place)
  • Women Individual Kumite - Open - Gold (1st Place)
  • July 2009, Mulund, Mumbai
  • Won 2 Gold at Mayors Cup
  • December 2009, Andheri, Mumbai
  • Sr. Individual Kata - Gold (1st Place)
  • Sr. Individual Kumite - 61kgs - Gold (1st Place)
  • January 2011, Balewadi, Pune
  • Sr. Individual Kata - Gold (1st Place)